Solar Power Installation Warrandyte 2.85kW
2.85kW Solar Power Installation in Warrandyte

Design a Solar Power System to produce the highest possible yield but also minimize the cost without reducing quality can only be done by Clean Energy Council Accredited Designers with experience in not only construction but also electrical design.


Using accredited design tools and our experience in construction Leeson Solar designed a solar power system on tilt mounting frames to produce the highest possible yield for our client. The solar panels were installed with a 30 degree tilt with calculated spacing to ensure no shading during the Winter Solstice (Winter suns lowest altitude).

Understanding the requirement to keep costs as low as possible but providing a quality product with high yields Leeson Solar have long lasting relationships with their suppliers to create the perfect solution.

To learn more about spacing tilt kits and how to design the best angle for solar panel tilt kits please refer to our residential solar page.

System Size: 2.85 kW Peak

Yield per Year: 3354 kWh

Pay Back Period: 6.9 Years

Components: Gold Panels with a 3kW Aurora Inverter

Solar Power Installation Warrandyte Thumb 2.85kW

Solar Power Installation Warrandyte 2.85kW
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