Solar Power Installation Macleod -1 1.71kw
2.09kW Solar Power Installation in Macleod

With a large shed at the rear of the clients yard this produced the perfect opportunity to capitalise on a renewable energy solution for the homes power usage.


Leeson Solar designed and installed a 2.09kW Solar Power System using high quality solar panels. The system has removed the homes electricity bill by generating electricity and exporting to the grid and receiving the premium feed in tariff.

The tariff has since expired but you can read more about feed in tariffs and rebates on our Residential Page.

System Size: 2.09 kW Peak

Yield per Year: 2584 kWh

Pay Back Period: 4.5 Years

Components: Gold Panels with a 3kW Aurora Inverter


Solar Power Installation Macleod -1 1.71kw
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