Heathcote 30kW-2
Saint Anthony’s Church

Leeson Solar’s 30Kw grid connect system installation at Saint Anthony’s Church in Heathcote, Victoria was another opportunity for Leeson Solar to stand at the forefront of Australia’s solar power industry. The team’s challenge at Saint Anthony’s was to accommodate the size and weight of the P.V. array. This 30Kw array, in excess of 2 tonne, is a heavy system for any single roofing structure. A standard rail based mounting system would have added considerably more heft to this large system, and considerable additional loading to the structure. By utilizing a rail-less mounting system and incorporating The Leeson Group’s existing work and safety processes, Leeson Solar completed this installation in less than four days, while limiting the overall system’s weight safely within the structures load bearing capacity.


With the requirement to mount the inverters at high levels due their placement in a public access area Leeson Solar successfully applied to Energy Safe Victoria for an exemption.

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